sociology of religion, anthropology of religion, history, esotericism, Iranian studies, South Asian studies

2018-22 PhD Religions, SOAS University of London
2022 Research Assistant, School of Finance and Management, SOAS University of London
2022 SUPRA Fellow, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, University of Copenhagen
2021 Residential Fellow, Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations and Spiritualities, Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice
2021-22 Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Finance and Management, SOAS University of London
2015-17 MA Religions of Asia and Africa, SOAS University of London

Prior to the academic experience, I held several leadership roles in Latin America and the UK for one of the world’s leading professional services firms, acquiring competencies in project management, strategy, planning, and organisational development. After 6 years of work in the private sector, I decided on a career shift to follow what was my passion since childhood: religion and esotericism. The Master in Religions of Asia and Africa at SOAS University of London, awarded with distinction in 2017, was an extraordinary experience and motivated me to apply for a PhD. For my doctoral research, completed in 2022, I studied an esoteric expression of modern Zoroastrianism in India adopting an interdisciplinary methodology and engaging with unexplored sources in Parsi Gujarati. The experience gained by teaching and by assisting a research project at SOAS provided me with insights on contemporary issues and trends of the society at large from the perspective of sociology. Over the last 4 years, I submitted 9 contributions for publication, presented 12 papers at conferences in Europe and the US, was awarded 12 scholarships and grants, received 2 honourable mentions of the Ancient India & Iran Trust, and participated in 4 public engagements.

“Conferment of meaning to Mount Damāvand between Indo-Iranian myths and Zoroastrian pilgrimages.”  Himalayan and Central Asian Studies 25, n. 1-3 (2021): 219-229.

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Research Project at CAS-E