anthropology of religion, medical anthropology, New Age and New Religious Movements , alternative communities, healing and health systems, late and post-Soviet esotericism and New Age

Anna Ozhiganova is an anthropologist with research interests concerning the intersections of religion, health, reproduction, and alternative social movements. She was a research fellow at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences (IEA RAS), Moscow, where she received her PhD in Anthropology (Candidate of Sciences) in 2000. She worked also as a head of the editorial board of the Journal of Medical Anthropology and Bioethics, published by IEA RAS, and as a secretary of the Annual Symposium of the Association of Medical Anthropology (Russia). She is the author of New Religiosity in Modern Russia: Teachings, Forms and Practices (2006) and over 50 articles and book chapters on the Russian New Age as well as spiritual, social, and health aspects of the Russian homebirth movement. She taught the courses Social Anthropology, Theoretical Foundations of Social Anthropology, History of Religion, Anthropology of New Age and New Religious Movements from 2002 to 2015 as an associate professor at the Russian State University for Humanities (RSUH) and Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

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